Monday, December 20, 2010

1 year!

Hahaha! Almost a year that I have last blogged!
Oh SPM is over! Weeeee! So happy and freedom!
But sadly and unbelievable that my 5 years of high school is over just like that!
Next stop COLLEGE! :(
But no waking up at 6am! hehe..
Anyway this post is for you! ( Happy? )

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I skipped school today because most friends wasn't going.. Err i am not going to go school already after wednesday onwards.. Which only left thursday and friday cause there nothing to do.. There is going to be this boring kursus tomorrow for only the top 4 jawatankuasa for kelab, permainan & badan beruniform at school from 8am to 1.50..

And thursday is the only PERFECT day for me to go out with somebody before i leave for camp on friday till monday!! So yeah i hope somebody doesn't need or wanna go to school on thursday..



Hello. I am back to blogging after 10 days.. lol.. I am going to make my post into 6 paragraph.. hehehe.. so enjoy reading..

Hmmm lets see, last thursday after school which was my last day of exam.. woo hoo.. Beatrice & Samantha came to pick me up at 3.00 & we were off to TESCO to get stuff for youth rally games.. Anyway in the car on the way to tesco the 3 of us started asking question abt each other LOVE life.. We were practically digging information out of each other especially me & samantha.. hahaha..

Beatrice parked the car, we got down and headed up to tesco & then we started talking abt chrishen working at kids sport & gym with his *ahem*.. haha.. ( hope he doesnt find out abt my blog or else mampus saya).. Chrishen if you do READ this FYI samantha told us first.. so its her fault.. Took the trolley & our first section was the KIDS TOYS section.. WEEEEE!! We started playing with the toys, wait actually i started playing with the hammer thing that make noise.. haha..

Yeah those kids hammer!! LOL!!

Sammie decided to whack her forehead. LOL.

Then we started checking out the price of a toy microwave which we thought it could pop real popcorn.. haha.. Because the toy coffee maker made beatrice think that it could produce real coffee as the instruction showed pour real water in.. hahaha.. How nice la if it was real we will already buy it for training camp & rally.. lol.. And ppl wouldnt be using panasonic or toshiba or wtv popular brand, they will be using toy brand.. ahaha..

So it was enough time playing at the kids section dy, we then started hunting down all our props that we need for the games.. After getting all those then it was time for buying snacks for 3rd training camp.. First we took the big packs of twisties & cheezels ( samantha holding) but look wat beatrice found up ahead of the section..

2 for RM 2.oo!! Can you believe it??

So there were only left 8 packs of cheezels which we took all cause it only cost us RM 10.00 for 8 normal packs.. That just mad.. If you are a twisties BIG fan, hurry on to TESCO to get yr twisties as you can see in the picture below it is also 2for RM2.00 & isnt even empty like the cheezels..

We pose for everything & with everything.. LOL.

We got everything we needed & went to the cashier to pay after that straight to the car & to the shop opposite the mamak to get the raffia strings & then to FUN & CHEER the new shop opposite kelana jaya train station to get balloons.. Suddenly it started raining very heavily so poor me & samantha had to run down from the car to the shop just to get BALLOONS.. We were all wet and soaky..

Got the balloons & ran back into the car again but this time we were even more wet and soaking cause it rain even more heavily.. This is wat happen in the car after getting in.. FUNNY part..

ME samantha Beatrice

ME: -silent-

SAM: -silent-

Beatrice: Cold anot you guys?

Me & Sam: Yea very cold..

Beatrice: Say la haiyo then i off the aircond!


Reach beatrice house then we started cutting the money & thinking of a name for the game.. It took 3 brain soo lonng just to think of the name.. we were coming up with weird names till randomly samantha said dash.. hahaha.. Another random one was beatrice said wanna see cute guys & girls.. hahaha.. One more funny conversation..

ME samantha Beatrice

Bea: Ah here's one girl..

Me: *Look at her pictures* ( she in lingerie)

Bea: she does advertisement for lingerie.

Me: oh.. how old is she?

Bea: 18 years old.

Sam: darren dont think abt it.. 2 years apart..

Bea: mine is 7 years apart..

Me & Sam: WAH!!

Me to Sam: see 2 years apart isnt that bad then 7 years apart..


IT was an AWESOME DAY with my 2 team mates!! HAD a Majestic Astounding Day!!

p/s: we must go again to TESCO and everywhere.. oh & not forgetting beatrice facebook profile.. hahahaha...


Thursday, November 5, 2009

I forgive you!! :D

YES YES YES.. I FORGIVE you.. You cant make me hate you.. LOL..

Why couldnt you choose a better picture of me?? hahaha.. joking..


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hi Jasmine!! :P

. .


Not for anybody!! :D

I see your face when i am dreaming.
Thats why i always wake up screaming.

Kind,intelligent,loving and hot,
This describes everything you are not.

Roses are red,violets are blue,sugar is sweet and so are you.
But the roses are wilting,the violets are dead,the sugar bowls empty and so is your head.

hey you know,i really thought of you as friend,but right now you are just some plain crap to me and its really annoying by how you spread shits,especially about my bestie,if she is a so called '' betrayer '' what are you ? you know what you whatever you want.just dont involve this with my best friendS.get a life and stop being so can tell the whole world for all i care and you are telling it to my closest people ? you are just a really sad and insecure child.if you have anything to ask or bitch about,give me the time and date please.
enough said thank you.


so you need councelling and even a place like rehab wont accept you.

p/s: =D!!


hey guys.. sorry was so lazy to update.. neway i am here to post.. lol..

so today was mesyuarat agong for interact & it went well because we have discuss about lots of stuff like sales to raise fund, places to visit next year, plenty of activities starting from the start of 2010 & lastly our club IU day theme.. oh wat made me happy was that 63 interactors was there.. awesome.. thank you to my BOD who was there to support me..


Next is that my final exam is starting in 3 days & its freaking 2 weeks when other ppl exam are ady finishing or finished.. arrrggghhh.. anybody have soalan bocor for any subject?? hehe..

That all for tonite.. Byeee.. Ciaoz..